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Growing and Caring for Bonsai Trees

Growing and Caring for Bonsai Trees

The World's most famous Bonsai

Bonsai landscape

The art of planting trees in containers is called Bonsai and it comes from Japan. But it is more than an art; it demands your patience. Bonsai as an art form emerged solely to charm the viewers and to show the skill and expertise of the grower. When we are talking about this art form, let us take a look at the world’s most beautiful bonsai trees. The ranking of the worlds most beautiful Bonsai trees has not changed since at least one decade. This valuable ranking tells us that their Bonsai care keepers were truly unbeatable masters. Some of these Bonsai can be admired in various museum around the world. One of the most interesting museum is the Omiya bonsai art museum that offers hundreds of different master pieces on display.

The Bonsai universe is vast and almost endless, however countless and beautiful Bonsai master pieces exist that are still unknown to us. Unknown does not mean that they would not fit into this ranking. Some of these beautiful Bonsai's are easily over 100 years old and passed on from generation to generation by numerous Bonsai artists around the world. In fact, Bonsai passion has no borders and a lot of Bonsai artists are exchanging knowledge through social media like facebook and youtube which is a good thing for Bonsai in general. Some of the beautiful Bonsais like the Shunka-en Bonsai are displayed at Museums in Japan. One of the most famous museums for Bonsai is the Omiya Museum (see my other blog post Omiya Bonsai village). Bonsai museums are not only in Japan, if you travel to Germany, Korea, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and China, you will be impressed too. 

1. Shunka-en Bonsai, 800 years old and still steady ! 

Shunka-en musem
Beautiful master piece of Shunkaen bonsai is displayed at Shunkaen Museum in Tokyo

2. The Yamaki Family 389 years old White Pine

White pine
The tree survived the Hiroshima Atomic bomb. Donated to Bonsai & Penjing Museum in Washington

3. Goshin ''Protector of the spirits'', by John Naka

Goshin Bonsai
A forest planting of eleven Foemina Junipers, the earliest of which Mr. Naka began training into Bonsai in 1948.

4. The famous Juniper Bonsai by Luis Vila

Crescent Juniper Bonsai
A unique Crescent Bowl which enhances the dramatic effect of the cascade composition.

5. Juniperus Chinensis by Mauro Stemberger

Mauro Stemberger was born in 1978 in Feltre, Italy and works as an architect and Bonsai artist. 

6. Atlas Cedar by John Naka

John Naka Bonsai
Atlas Cedar with Shadows at the National Bonsai Museum in Washington DC. 

7. Toichi Domoto Trident Bonsai

The large trident maple since 1979 is part of Domoto Collection in California. 

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