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Growing and Caring for Bonsai Trees

Growing and Caring for Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Wire Tree Art Sculptures

I happen to discover a great alternative to real Bonsai trees, not as nice of course but very interesting. Bonsai Tree Wire Sculptures are the latest trend for Bonsai fans that have little time in watering or shaping Trees. The greatest guy of all time in wiring is Ken To, an artist from the United States with a deep fascination for Bonsai trees.

In this amazing series of miniature wire sculptures, Ken creates wire trees from continuous strands that flow from the tip of the roots to the end of the leaves and branches. He is a true wiring specialist of the modern era and I think not many can keep up with masterpieces like him. Notice that Ken does not skimp when it comes to his tiny bonsai containers. Many of them are from Jim Barrett, well known California bonsai potter (especially famous for his quality shohin and mame bonsai pots.) Since his very first trees, Ken has been busy experimenting and perfecting his technique.

The ceramic pots used to hold each sculpture are made by Jim Barrett. Ken says each tree takes an average of three hours, with even the smallest trees using up about six yards of wire (5.48 meters).
Although completely sold out at the moment, Ken’s miniature Bonsai wire trees are for sale and can be found in various websites such as

Another interesting YouTube channel that shows lots of wiring techniques and activities is hosted by metal artist Mr. Omer Huremovic. Omer is a dedicated Bonsai metal artist since decades, enchanting Bonsai lovers from all over the world his videos are always amazing. Although Bonsai wire sculptures are very popular in the US, their popularly hasn't reached all corners of the world.

Many Bonsai fans discover this fascination through channels like YouTube and other online media. I personally think that owning a real Bonsai tree is more fun as it’s a living thing that the Bonsai keeper has to upkeep. 

A great fascination are Bonsai trees carved in Ivory, those sculptured prior 1989 are collectibles and legally available. The sculptures are super expensive and masterpieces that Bonsai fans tend to admire. The last time I have encountered
a true master piece made of Ivory was during an exhibition at a Nichiren Art Museum Kuala Lumpur. The Nichiren Museum holds masterpieces of Bonsai sculptures that are worth to visit.

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